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Zeiss Lens Wipes, 60 count, $4.29

Zeiss Lens Wipes, 60 countnBenefits of using Zeiss Lens Wipes:n■ Professional cleaning solutionn■ Gentle and thorough cleaningn■ Easily remove smudges and dirt for a streak-free cleann■ Lint and ammonia freen■ Non-abrasive, soft, micro-fine tissuen■ Individually packed lens wipes for at home, work, school or on-the-gonnSuitable for:n■ All glass and plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses (particularly effective for high quality, coated precision lenses)n■ Safety and sports gogglesn■ Other optics including lenses on cameras, binoculars and microscopes n■ Safe for use on anti-reflective coatings

Zeiss Lens Wipes, 60 count
Zeiss Lens Wipes, 60 count
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