Q: Why do you permit customers to enter the store without a face covering/mask?


A: We continue to follow state and local mask mandates at our stores. Recent guidance by the CDC has relaxed mask requirements for fully vaccinated individuals. This new guidance has caused some confusion amongst the public and we are trying to address the issue in the most compassionate way. We ask for your patience, continued cooperation and ask that all of our customers treat each other with respect while we work through these changes in guidance.


Q: Will the store continue to require its associates to wear a face-covering/mask?


A: Store associates will adhere to the same state or local guidance as customers. In certain locations, the individual owner’s company policy may require all associates to continue wearing a mask in our stores.

  • Checking associates’ temperature before they report to work.
  • Maintaining disinfecting and sanitation practices throughout the store.
  • Maintaining social distancing wherever possible.

Q: Is your store requiring its associates to receive the vaccine?


A: We encourage all of our associates to get vaccinated, however, we are not requiring it at this time. The decision to receive the vaccine should be made between an individual and their health-care provider. We are actively participating in vaccine distribution in our stores and have been holding clinics off-site as well. 


Q: When do you think you will lift some of the other practices put in place, such as “no returns?”


A: We will continue to follow the direction and executive orders put in place by state and local government.


Q. I am fully vaccinated but am not comfortable shopping/working without a mask.


A. Even in states that have lifted the mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals, we encourage customers/associates who voluntarily choose to continue to wear a mask in-store to continue doing so if it makes them more comfortable in a public setting.